Breacher’s Tape

Mission Statement:

BTI is dedicated to help keeping our Tactical Operators safer by making the best adhesive tape products available to the Breaching & Tactical community.

Brief History: The path into the Breaching/Tactical world started with a phone call from a defense testing facility in 2002. The challenge was to find a better method for Explosive Breachers to affix their charges to target in ALL weather conditions, including the most difficult, Wet & Cold. Shortly thereafter, our President Nick Fontana developed the first prototype Breachers Tape®.

Over the coming year, Breachers Tape® was refined & improved using feedback from both instructors & users. Today, Breachers Tape® is used by Military & Law Enforcement teams around the globe as the preferred method of adhesion.

Over the last decade, Nick has been regularly attending the Breachers Symposium & working closely with Military Special Forces & Law Enforcement Breachers. This unique combination of experience in both Adhesive Tapes & Breaching is what separates us from the rest.

Together with our sister company Stickon Adhesvies, a staff with over 40 years of adhesive tape expertise, and our unique knowledge of Military & Law Enforcement Tactical/Breaching operations, our goal is to provide the best products available to the Breaching & Tactical community.

Breaching and Mobility