Emergent Biosolutions

Our Vision
Protecting and Enhancing 50 million lives by 2025 focuses our energy to improve the quality of life for millions of individuals around the world, giving them the opportunity to experience the fullness of life.

Our drive towards this vision informs all of our actions—whether it is our approach to product development, manufacturing, encouraging employee health and wellness or giving back to the community—we strive every day to achieve this shared goal.

What We Do

Biological Threats
Biological agents are naturally occurring toxins or organisms that can result in illness or death to humans, animals, and crops. Exposure to biological pathogens can result from an intentional biological attack, an accidental release of a biological agent, or a natural incident.

Chemical Threats

Chemical agents are non-living toxic products, such as vapors, gases, aerosols, liquids, and solids that can cause serious harm or death to those exposed. Chemical agents can be released accidentally—for example, in a laboratory incident or a pipeline leak—or intentionally.

Unlocking our full potential. Powering our mindset. Advancing our mission.
Innovation by employees at all levels is the key to achieving our full potential as individuals and as an organization. We embrace the mindset that we are never done, never satisfied, never standing still. Innovation is the call to go higher, faster and farther in our mission to protect and enhance life.