In the security and defence sector we understand the threat to help advance your response. Our pedigree should reassure you of our capability.

Industry experience

Kirintec’s Directors have spent time serving at the sharp end of the security and defence sector. Most have dealt first-hand with operational issues across the world. The same or similar to those our customers face in IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal), EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) and using ECM (Electronic Countermeasures).

Our highly knowledgeable team has helped build some of the bigger companies in the industry. It’s not a boast, but a fact. A powerful combination of first-hand industry understanding, coupled with user and engineering experience allows us to address issues. Both innovatively and swiftly.

Agility pays

Working in an industry where enemies are agile, it pays to choose a defence contractor who can manoeuvre with greater agility. It is our job to make yours easier, to solve problems and save lives.

We react and are dexterous.

Providing reliable and extremely safe bespoke products is key for us, as we work tirelessly with our customers. Kirintec is so much more than a manufacturer or supplier of products. Our aim is to embed our knowledge within each product that leaves our UK manufacturing line, heading across the globe in the security and defence sector.

What’s behind a name?

Dig a little deeper and you may be interested to learn that the name ‘Kirintec’ was conceived from the combination of two words; ‘Kirin’ and ‘Technology’. In Asia, a Kirin is a good luck charm, which can also represent wisdom.

We know those who face a terrorist’s bomb do need a certain amount of luck, ultimately they must trust in the technology deployed. We can certainly provide the latter as we continually test and evolve our product portfolio.

Kirintec is a name to trust when choosing tactical gear for anti-terror solutions in the security and defence industry.