Laser Shot

Laser Shot – Firearms Training Simulators provides affordable, alternative training solutions for law enforcement agencies worldwide. Laser Shot has cutting-edge technology to fill any agency’s firearm training needs with unique solutions that enable progressive training from realistic laser-based engagements to ultra-realistic live-fire exercises. Constant investment in new technology enables continuous advances in hardware and software designs to leverage the latest developments and ensure the most realistic simulation and live-fire training systems possible.

The SIMrange is intended to simulate a traditional shooting range but with the use of virtual targets. Laser Shot’s newest technology allows ultra-short throw projectors with integrated hit detection cameras to be installed within 18” of the screen surface reducing the overall footprint required.

The SIMrange is scalable and can be delivered in multiples of three lanes per screen allowing for expansion to meet your throughput requirements. Courseware will replicate actual training and qualification standards and built-in editors allow the end user to easily author their own content.

In the past, firearms simulators required installing an independent laser hit detection camera adjacent to the projector requiring careful positioning and calibration. If you had a portable firearms simulator this meant you had to perform this task every time you set up and took down for training. The SIMrange by Laser Shot solves that problem by integrating the laser hit detection camera inside the projector ensuring that it is always properly aligned and ready to go when you set it up.

Another feature upgrade is the ability to place it within 18″ of a screen or wall due to its ultra-short throw technology. This allows smaller rooms or spaces to now be converted into virtual ranges for safe, effective training without the need for ballistic facilities or live weapons or ammunition.


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