Trusted in Over 100 Countries

Med-Eng is very pleased to be a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading manufacturer of protective products and equipment primarily for law enforcement and the military, following acquisition from Allen-Vanguard in 2013.

Med-Eng is a leading global brand of Explosive Ordnance Disposal equipment and holds 35 years of expertise and market leadership. Med-Eng Bomb Disposal, Tactical and Demining suits and helmets are trusted by Defense Forces, Public Safety and Humanitarian Demining agencies in 100 countries. In addition, Med-Eng offers a full suite of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs, or robots), the HAL® brand of Hook and Line systems, and a vast array of Search specialty tools for EOD/IEDD and military UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) operations.

The Crew Survivability line includes Blast Attenuation Seats to protect military vehicle drivers, commanders and troops by isolating them from the effects of improvised explosive devices, mines and sudden impact.  The company’s thermal management solutions are customized to protect military vehicle crews and their mission-critical electronics from heat. These cooling systems also shield electronics from dust and harsh operating conditions to provide an effective Micro Climate System.