FinnProtec Oy was founded in 1993. We are a solution supplier for defence and security equipment and systems. Our approach is customer-oriented and innovative. We are working in the following fields:

  • C4ISR
  • Electro-optical systems
  • Law enforcement systems
  • Soldier systems
  • Troop protection
  • UAS and anti-drone systems

We represent numerous leading brands in the industry. The list of the most known brands can be found on the corporate website and on the online store.

Our customers are authorities and security operators in Finland and in surrounding areas. Our products are available also from well-equipped retailers throughout Finland

Our mission is to support authorities’ ability to develop performance and resilience during exceptional circumstances.

Our vision is to be the primary supplier for authorities and their strategic partners in our field of expertise. The company is globally networked and actively monitors the international development of the industry, which is utilized in developing customers’ performance.

Our values are reliability, innovativeness and responsibility.