The MagnumSpike! is the ultimate tire deflation device (TDD) to safely and swiftly stop high-speed chases. The unique, non-clogging tire spike design of MagnumSpike! allows for controlled and quick tire deflations 100% of the time. We are a small, minority and woman-owned business and take great pride on our ability to provide the Military and Law Enforcement with the tools necessary to achieve controlled tire deflations while safeguarding their lives and those of innocent bystanders as well as preventing property damage. With the MagnumSpike! every hit is a successful stop regardless of the size or type of the vehicle or tire. By stopping different size vehicles within predictable short distances, the MagnumSpike! along with timely communication and preplanned deployment could help officers prevent high-speed chases. Even departments with a no-chase policy can deploy the MagnumSpike! and stop pursuits before they start.

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