Oakley SI is a dedicated division of Oakley, Inc. committed to serving the needs of Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS professionals. Oakley`s partnership with U.S. Armed Forces originated in the 1980`s to develop new technologies that improve the safety, performance and comfort of these professionals. Our obsession with research and development continues to generate combat-ready equipment for those whose lives depend on their gear. We are honored to support this community and are inspired by their sacrifice.




In order for SI Ballistic eyewear to meet the MIL PRF 32432A ballistic impact requirement, Oakley eyewear is hit with a 0.15 caliber, 5.85 grain, T37 shaped projectile at approximately 700-725 feet per second. The eyewear must remain intact throughout the test, without experiencing any dislodged components or fracture to the lens.


ANSI Z87.1 (2015)


Part of an industrial standard called ANSI Z87.1 (2015), the High-Mass Impact test requires that the lens be hit by a 500-gram metal spike (over a pound of weight) dropped from a height of 51.2 inches (over four feet). To pass the test, no frame parts or lens fragments that could damage the eye may be ejected during impact.



Oakley premium eyewear surpasses the ANSI Z87.1 (2015) test for high-velocity impact protection. For this test, a pneumatic cannon accelerates a quarter-inch steel shot to 102 miles per hour. The lens is targeted straight on from three different heights and at seven different angles. To pass the high-velocity test, no contact between the lens and eye is permitted during impact. In addition, no frame parts or lens fragments that could damage the eye may be ejected during impact.


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