RTL Materials Ltd was established in 1998 and is the world's only Bistable Rollable Composite manufacturer. This unique material is at the heart of every Rolatube we make and has enabled us to change the way we think about product design. The patented technology is now used in a wide range of industries and organisations around the world who depend on the unique characteristics of Rolatube products to support their operations.

Whether it's defence or emergency response personnel using a Rolatube mast for essential communications or an energy supplier using a Rolatube boom for the inspection of critical infrastructure, the combination of low weight, packed volume and speed of deployment has enhanced the users' capability, increased safety and saved lives time and time again.

Rolatube uses its unique rollable composite material to manufacture mast systems to bring unmatched savings in space and weight. Designed to complement advances in communication and surveillance technology, they are lightweight, compact and strong, bringing advantages to perimeter control, area lighting, and other site infrastructure applications. With fast and easy deployment, these man-portable mast systems are easily carried and rapidly deployed to enable installation of solutions in the harshest spaces and environments. Manufactured to adhere to the rigorous requirements of the Military Standard 810G, Rolatube mast systems have been proven, trusted and used by users worldwide including the global defence sector.

A range of accessories is available to provide even greater ease and speed of deployment, and can enable deployment with just 2 personnel. Adapters then facilitate attachment of equipment. This all adds up to mast systems that enable communications, lighting and surveillance solutions to be transported on foot by small teams then quickly and easily installed.

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