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ComTac VII Headset

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3M Peltor ComTac VII Headset

3M Peltor Tactical Modular Audio System (TMAS)


Auditory Situational Awareness (ASA) like never before

The 7th generation ComTac changes everything you thought capable with tactical hearing protection. ComTac VII is designed to improve on every critical area that helps increase auditory operational effectiveness, while providing new capabilities to address the challenges of communicating in dynamic noise environments.

  • New ergonomic design to integrate with warfighter weapon and protective systems and increases comfort for long term wear
  • Designed to improve sound localization, and speech intelligibility
  • Natural Interaction Behavior (NIB): short-range, headset-to-headset communication without the use of an external communications device
  • Mission Audio Profiles (MAP): advanced ambient listening modes that allow access to a variety of gain settings, but with frequency shaping, to enhance ASA
  • Wireless Option. Go cord free, with 3M’s NFMI enabled wireless –realize the freedom of unrestricted head movement, reduced cable management, and snag-free operations




Mission Audio Profiles (MAP)

The 3M PELTOR ComTac VII offers a new way to adjust the auditory settings of your headset for your mission. Traditionally, a headset has a set frequency response, and the operator can only increase or decrease the volume. The MAP function provides advanced environmental listening modes that allow access to a variety of gain settings, but with frequency shaping, to enhance auditory performance in five conditions. The MAP Profiles have been designed with a variety of combat and combat support operations in mind.


Advanced level dependent function for environmental listening


Mission Audio Profile 1: Observation

Highest volume and widest frequency response to maximize hearing when the user is still (overwatch, hide spot, stop to listen, etc).



Mission Audio Profile 2: Patrol

High volume with reduced high frequencies to limit sounds such as footsteps on gravel, grass moving under feet, equipment moving on body.


Mission Audio Profile 3: Conversation

Maximizes the frequencies important for face-to-face communications while lowering the frequencies outside of the average speech band.


Mission Audio Profile 4: Comfort

Low volume and narrow frequency response to be used when in noise for long periods of time (tactical vehicle, air transport) where environmental listening is not prioritized over communications and overall comfort.


Mission Audio Profile 5: Silent

Silent mode for communicating in high levels of noisewhen situational awareness is difficult to achieve



Natural Interaction Behavior (NIB)


NIB enables short-range, full duplex, headset-to-headset intra-team communication without the use of an external radio.


Audio transmit is activated by either a voice activated switch (VOX) for hands free operations (in noise) or by push-to-talk.



≈80dB NIB VOX Function Activation

When VOX Mode is enabled, NIB offers hands free communications, automatically, as the noise in the surrounding environment increases (approximately 80dB and above). PTT mode can also be set if the operator wants to manually control the voice transmit.


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