Adventure Lights

Trident Mockingbird CQB

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Adventure Lights Trident Mockingbird CQB

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The Trident series of Guardian lights uses the switch-ring technology first used in our VIP line of products. They have total of 6 functions, 3 on each battery polarity, which include the option to record and playback a unique flashing signature.
Compact, lightweight and durable covert beacon that's optimized for custom user-programmable signatures with Mockingbird Technology.  Using Reverse Polarity Program Switching, the product contains two sets of functions: on the Reverse Polarity users can record and playback custom signatures and activate a unique IR Output detector; on the Forward Polarity users can playback the recorded signature in three different intensities. See the product simulation to get a feel for how the tool is operated!

Comes with a MOLLE compatible Belt Clip which easily clips onto the Guardian Trident™ and can be removed with any flat head screwdriver or casual pry-bar type tool.

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