Breachers Tape

BT30 Breachers Tape

Tuotekoodi: BT30-250

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Breachers Tape BT30 Breachers Tape



Used globally by both Military and Law Enforcement Breaching teams.  

Breachers Tape® creates an immediate super strong bond between the charge and the target on most all surfaces and most weather conditions, even extreme COLD and WET. It holds where others fail!

Our unique Extended Release Liner system extends out 1/2' beyond the edge of the adhesive to allow for easy handling and application.  

Extremely stable adhesive.  Long shelf life of 1+ years.  

It is a "must have" for every Breaching Kit/Team.



  • Application temperature range of -10*F to 120*F!!
  • Water-resistant adhesive makes it the perfect choice for use in wet environments.
  • Every roll is produced with an extra wide release liner for easy application and use.
  • Long Shelf Life: 1+ years


Techical Specs

  • 30mils Thick Adhesive
  • 2" x 50ft / Roll


Packing size

  • 8 rolls / case


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