Eliminates also COVID-19 (coronavirus)

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Cleamix Eliminates also COVID-19 (coronavirus)








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Cleamix – Finnish Disinfection Technology Innovation.

The system challenges the solutions on the market with versatile features and portability.
Cleamix equipment allows comprehensive disinfection of facilities, vehicles, equipment and
even aircraft. Cleamix automatically treats disinfection and tells its user about the
condition or equipment being clean.

The process is based on hydrogen peroxide vaporization. Cleamix has proven to eliminate
viruses, bacteria, toxins and chemical warfare weapons.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) vapor is a highly versatile gaseous agent for decontamination of vehicles, rooms and equipment.

Cleamix is a revolutionary decontamination device, built on a new innovation for H2O2vaporisation.


Highly portable

  • Device is a rugged briefcase weighing just 15 kg.
  • Unit uses 50% H2O2 aqueous solution. This makes travel and transportation a lot easier compared to 60% solution typically required by competing products (UN2014 transport category for hazardous cargo).
  • High efficiency means even a 1 liter bottle of H2O2 solution is enough for significant decontamination volumes.



  • Cleamix continuously adjusts operation for a steady H2O2 concentration in the decontamination volume. Adjustment is real time, based on desired decontamination parameters and environmental factors. Unit also features automatic alarm and shut-off functionality.
  • Unit can control external heating, cooling and de-humidifier equipment for optimal results in a wide variety of use cases.
  • Multiple units can work together for exceptional scalability up to 1800 m3 of decontamination volume (room size).


Extremely efficient

  • Output exceeds 650 ppm/m3/min, guaranteeing decontamination of known viruses, bacteria and chemical warfare agents.
  • Biggest punch in the smallest package




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