VCS-100Cr Mobile Master Unit

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Cleamix VCS-100Cr Mobile Master Unit



Cleamix VCS-100Cr is a portable decontamination master unit designed for demanding hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination processes capable of mastering numerous additional units (ExtU, Cat, dryer and fan). Additional extension units enables decontamination in large volume spaces. VCS-100Cr master unit is capable of mastering up to 50 extension units.

VCS-100Cr uses up to 50% aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution for generating hydrogen peroxide vapour capable of destroying even the most resistant microorganisms, like bacterial spores at room temperatures and low concentrations. Hydrogen peroxide vapour has good material compatibility and it is residue free decomposing into water and oxygen only.

  • Aircraft hangars, complete buildings and other large interior spaces up to 5000 m3.
  • Master unit VCS-100 + 1-50 additional VCS-100 extension units.
  • Secure mesh networking between master and slave units for cable-free operation.



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