Infrared Armband

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Cyalume Infrared Armband


Infrared Armband

For all  your close quarter combat operations, it is essential to be able to recognize your team members fast and effectively.

Cyalume has developed a new colored armband that incorporates an infrared band centered along the armband. The armband is adjustable with self-fastening straps and a clamping system with a plastic buckle.

  • Very efficient to locate personnel and make the distinction between different teams that can be involved in the same operation,
  • Improved visibility thanks to the armband’s color and its IR band that is visible night and day with appropriate vision devices,
  • Use an armband on each arm for faster identification of each team member.


Available with an MOQ of 100 pieces, this night vision armband can be customized as described below:

  • Available colors: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, standard blue, red and white
  • Possible customized marking of the IR band (screen printing) with 1 to 3 color(s)


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