Visipad Infrared Identification & Marking Emitter

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Cyalume Visipad Infrared Identification & Marking Emitter

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VisiPad™ Infrared (IR) Identification & Marking Emitter

The Infrared VisiPad™ Markers have a 8-hour duration time. They are used by Military Forces and Law Enforcement specialists for tactical operations such as Individual Marking, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), Target Marking, Medical Triage (MEDEVAC), Vehicle/Helicopter Marking.

The Infrared VisiPad™ Markers can only be seen with night vision devices.


VisiPad™ is a new ultra-light and ultra-light chemical light device designed for IFF Recognition.


Easily stored in pockets, pouches or kits, VisiPad™ is lightweight, flat and mesures just 11,25cm x 6,25cm.


VisiPad™ has a wide surface area that allows for writing information or messages with a traditional marking pen.


The self-adhesive backing allows for placement on personnel, structures or windows. Pre-cut hook and holes allow for hanging on wires or lines. Designed to prevent accidental activation, VisiPad™ is the new standard to carry enough markers for any incident, without sacrificing weight or space.


  • IFF Marking
  • NSN 6260-01-553-1548
  • Marks easily with permanent marker for covert messaging
  • 8-Hour Duration
  • Designed to minimize accidental activation
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Lightweight, flat
  • Waterproof, non-toxic


*Infrared (IR) products are restricted items and can ONLY be sold to Military and Law Enforcement customers. An end-user statement and DSP-83 must be signed with each order verifying customer’s eligibility.

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