EBEX 2001 C/K Electronic Stethoscope

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Ebinger EBEX 2001 C/K Electronic Stethoscope



  • Versatile search system
  • Highly sensitive contact search head
  • High frequency non-contact search head
  • Unique non contact EBINGER MPS Sensor
  • Stepless filter/gain controls
  • Sturdy construction
  • Wide range of accessories



The electronic stethoscope EBEX® 2001 C/K was designed for specific operations in the field of Search, IEDD and EOD, and is mainly used for the detection of weak signals such as from time delay devices and clockwork timers frequently found in EDs or incendiary devices.


The contact sensor operates as a very sensitive impact sound transducer picking up weak signals from mechanical time delay devices traveling through solid material which are below the human hearing level. The non-contact search head applies a HF method to locate oscillating objects and is not interfered by any airborne sound. The new noncontact MPS sensor is sensitive to HF from a wide range of local oscillators and to magnetic pulses. The amplifier was designed to offer an outstanding signal to noise ratio and a powerful stepless adjustable filter.


The contact search head is used for the detection of impact sound travelling through solid surrounding material such as pipes and packing material.


The non-contact search head applies a high frequency method for a contactless detection of oscillating material as in example in clockwork mechanics. The non-contact search is a useful and complementary means in the system as it penetrates dielectrical material such as wood, packing and plastics, small bricks etc. It is not interfered by airborne sound. In addition it interacts with numerous electronic devices.


The MPS probe close a gap in the range of sensors. It is sensitive to magnetic and pulsating HF signals produced by time delay devices. The detection range resp. detection ability depends on the intensity and distance to the targets.


  • Power supply: rechargeable battery 9 V/250 mAh, approx. 9 h E-Block 9 V (6LF22) approx.18 h
  • Contactless probe: rechargeable battery 12V/1000mAh, approx. 6 h
  • Frequency filter: approx. 2 - 6 kHz
  • Charging time: approx. 5 h
  • Temperature range: approx. -15 °C to +55 °C
  • MPS 10 sensitivity: 10-15 cm SWATCH "Sir Blue"
  • Maximum amplification: approx. 7x105 (117dB)
  • Length/diameter: 31 cm / 2,2 cm



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