ETAC 2 Hand-Held Metal Detector


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Ebinger ETAC 2 Hand-Held Metal Detector


Hand-Held Metal Detector

  • Robust PI Detector
  • Integrated LED light
  • Vibrating alarm


Product information and short instructions

The EBINGER ETAC® 2 is a small, handy, very robust metal detector. The hand-held metal detector probe ETAC® 2 is used wherever there are increased demands for location sensitivity and resolution. For example, in the prison sector, in forensic technology, forensic medicine or in preliminary checks of letters, as well as to prevent theft in the jewelry or precious metal industry.

As a PI (Pulse Induction) system, ETAC® 2 works statically, which means that the vibration signal over the metal object is not regulated, but responds according to the size and distance of the metal object. The precise detection (pinpointing) and range of the ETAC® 2 for ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as other metallic objects, is signifi cantly higher than those of comparable competing devices. The search and effective range of the ETAC® 2 is 360° due to the cylindrical probe.

After switching on the device via the on/off button, the ETAC® 2 is ready for operation immediately. Due to the digital automatic adjustment, no further settings have to be made. A comfortable belt holster enables quick mobile use. The device can optionally be operated with a standard 9 volt dry cell battery, a Ni-MH or lithium battery of the same type. The centered LED light on the cylinder tip enables the illumination of poorly lit and/or dark areas.






Before operation a battery has to be fi tted into the battery
compartment. To get access to the battery compartment,
twist the closure cap of the battery compartment anti
clockwise until it comes off. Insert the battery with its contacts
as indicated by the marking inside the compartment.
Before refi tting of the closure cap check that the threads
are free from sand and dirt and well lubricated with O-ring
grease. Low battery voltage is indicated by a continuous
intermittent vibration signal. To avoid battery leakage
switch detector off and remove/replace battery. Remove
battery before longer storage.


Keep the ETAC® 2 away from any metal objects and switch
it on by pressing the ON/OFF button. Switching on is
indicated by a vibration alarm lasting approx. 2 seconds.
During this alarm, the device automatically adjusts itself to
its ambient conditions.
After calibration, positive detection of objects is indicated
by vibration. The size and depth of the hidden object can be
estimated due to strenght of the vibration.
The second push button turne on the integrated LED light
on the probe tip. The lamp is activated as long as the push
button is held. The ETAC® 2 does not have to be switched
on for this.


After use clean the ETAC® 2 with a soft tissue. In case the
environmental temperature changes allow condensing
moisture inside battery compartment to ventilate. To avoid
damage, do not use chemicals or solvents for cleaning.


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