Crossblade Standard LPL-5 3LS Kit

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ESS Crossblade Standard LPL-5 3LS Kit



Lasers can cause severe retina damage. ESS LPL lenses are specifically formulated to maximize protection against direct, reflected and scattered laser beams and radiation.


The new ESS Crossblade Eyeshield features advanced ClearZone Anti-fog coatings plus two different sized lens and nosepiece options to allow for customizable modular fit. Users can choose between a Standard lens and nosepiece or NARO lens and NARO nosepiece. With the modular system, the Crossblade™ can be set specifically to fit the end user’s facial structure. Modular Fit equals performance and comfort.

The Crossblade's Tri-Tech Fit™ frame features a snug fit with zero pressure points. Advanced ClearZone Dual Flow Coated lenses are engineered to eliminate fog inside and prevent scratches outside. Distortion-free ESSOPTICS™ keep your vision razor sharp and the DedBolt Lens Lock pivot allows for rapid lens exchanges.

As part of the ESS Cross-Series eyeshield platform, all Crossblade lenses are compatible and interchangeable with the ESS Crossbow, Crosshair and Suppressor frames. 


Levels of protection

  • Laser: Wavelenght 532nm @ OD 2.5 - VLT 48%
  • Ballistic: U.S. MIL Spec MIL-PRF-32432A
  • Industrial: ANSI Z87.1-2015, U.S. Federal OSHA


In the box

  • (1) Black Crossblade frame
  • (1) Standard Smoke Gray lens with Standard Nosepiece
  • (1) Standard Clear lens with Standard Nosepiece
  • (1) Standard Laser protective lens with Standard Nosepiece
  • (1) Zippered Hard case
  • (1) Snap-on elastic retention strap
  • (1) Crossblade instruction booklet


Optical Density (OD)

Laser protective lenses block a specific wavelength or set of wavelengths of light that can be either visible or invisible to the naked eye. The amount or strength that LPL’s block those wavelengths is called the Optical Density (OD). ESS LPL’s are designed to allow the most amount of visible light transmittance (high VLT) to pass through the lenses for operational versatility in all environments while maintaining the greatest OD available to provide laser protection.


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