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ESS Crossbow Lens



Vaihto- tai varalinssi Crossbow suojalaseihin.

Värivaihtoehdot: Kirkas, savun harmaa, keltainen, kupari, pronssi, polarisoitu savun harmaa ja photochromic.

When you're ready to switch lenses, the innovative DedBolt™ Lens Lock pivots up for easy release, then clamps down for rock solid retention under impact.


As you stare down your objective through ESSOPTICS™, you'll experience distortion-free optical precision throughout the entire field of view.

You'll notice that Crossbow™ lenses don't fog. That's thanks to groundbreaking ClearZone™ FlowCoat Technology. These advanced lens coatings are engineered to maximize scratch resistance on the outside and fog resistance on the inside.

ESS Crossbow lens options:

Clear –For use indoors or at night. Has no influence on contrast or color

Smoke Gray - For medium to bright light. An all-purpose daytime lens with unbiased influence on color

Hi-Def Yellow - For flat to very low light. A high-contrast lens that helps bring out definition.

Hi-Def Copper - For flat to medium light. Improves contrast & depth perception of blues & greens.

Hi-Def Bronze - For flat to low light. Filters blue light to boost contrast & enhance depth perception in overcast or shaded conditions.

Polarized Grey - For extremely bright light & reflective surfaces. Is the most effective at cutting glare, has unbiased influence on color

Photochromic - Lens with Light Adapting Technology for all light conditions - Lens goes from dark gray to clear




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