Flir Detection

identiFINDER R425-G

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Flir Detection identiFINDER R425-G


The FLIR identiFINDER R425 is the next generation of the most deployed radionuclide identification device (RID), offering 360-degree coverage so you can locate and measure gamma and neutron radioactive sources with confidence. It builds on FLIR’s trusted algorithms with advanced heuristics and hybrid identification techniques. With the familiar identiFINDER user interface and 3-button control, you can operate the R425 quickly, communicate results, and take command of any situation, in any environment, remotely. When other systems fail in extremely high gamma fields, the FLIR identiFINDER R425 provides pinpoint accuracy and remains fully operational. The identiFINDER R425 goes the distance with balanced ergonomic design, unparalleled ruggedness, flexible power management, and usability. The R425 provides an ideal balance of size, weight, and performance for various missions including surveying, emergency response, and environmental monitoring.




With over 25,000 deployed RIDs, the R425 builds on a solid legacy of performance in every way

  • New cubic detector design allows for high performance in all directions
  • 3x more sensitive gamma detection (G)
  • 2x more sensitive neutron detection (GN)
  • Advanced heuristics and hybrid identification techniques
  • Sourceless stabilization
  • 15% lighter weight than previous generation





Unparalleled ruggedness, flexible power management, and usability to go the distance

  • Internal battery lasts up to 12 hrs; additional power options include disposable or rechargeable batteries that are hot swappable and user-replaceable
  • Ready in ≤20 seconds from cold start
  • Fully enclosed solid-state detector
  • IP67-rated
  • Balanced, ergonomic design
  • Sunlight readable screen; visible through polarized glasses





R425 makes it easier than ever to quickly communicate results, no matter the method

  • Established FLIR GUI and 3-button control
  • Remote data viewing, operation, and reach back
  • Dual USB-C ports and FLIR’s trusted web interface
  • FLIR RAD Mobile App
  • Universal API enables integration with user deployed networks (Mobile Field Kit, ATAK, Sigma Edge, Safe Environment Gateway, etc.)
  • Built-in Bluetooth and GPS



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