IED Extraction Kit

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Kirintec IED Extraction Kit

The IED Extraction Kit has been designed to deliver an effective light scale capability to dismounted troops, when faced with the task of extracting an IED main charge from the ground.


The kit offers the user a quick and efficient capability when faced with the requirement to lift often heavy and awkwardly shaped items from difficult positions.


The light scale A -Frame is made from carbon fibre and anodized aluminium, making it strong and light and its quick setting features allow the user to deploy and re-deploy it quickly and safely.


The IED Extraction Kit is used in conjunction with disposable disrupter and projectile delivery system which fires Kirintec’s flying spike charge attachment.


Kit contents

  • Lightscale Hook and Line Rigging Kit (LSRK)
  • Lightweight A-Frame (LSAF)
  • Heavy Duty Rigging Line 110m (120 yards) on Winding Spool

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