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JTS - Judgmental Training Software

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Laser Shot JTS - Judgmental Training Software




Judgmental Training Software (JTS) is designed to challenge cognition through the use of real life interactive simulated scenarios.  The scenarios were designed based on real life exposure to emergent threats in the law enforcement and military communities.  As the student reacts to the scenarios presented to them, the instructor has the ability to manipulate the scenario based on the student’s presentation of their organizations force continuum.  The instructor also has the ability to save progress and conduct after action reviews (AAR’s) which aid in continued coaching, mentoring, and reinforcing organizational standard operating procedures. 

With over 900 training scenarios to choose from in the JTS library, from responding to a domestic disturbance or burglary to more complex branching scenarios such as active shooter and concealed carry scenarios, the instructor has the ability to challenge the student all while reinforcing the force continuum.

In a controlled environment the instructor can provide an atmosphere indicative of situations where the student may be required to take cover, move towards or away from a perceived threat, and to draw and fire from behind cover, all while verbally working through the threat as if their life was truly in danger. Included in this package is a remote tablet used as the instructor station, which does not restrict this instructor to a static position.  This allows for the instructor to give personal critique and display a shot by shot after action review to the student.  

While training, the instructor can manually direct the scenario to create multiple outcomes based on the student’s interaction, reinforcing communication and deeper understanding of the use-of-force continuum.



An optional add-on is a user-friendly built-in scenario editor, which enables instructors with basic computer skills an opportunity to effortlessly create or modify complex scenarios to their specifications. 

Easy to use tools such as advanced zoning options, and simple drag-and-drop controls support the act of importing scenarios into the design canvas. This creates a simple platform for generating new simulations and branches that are automatically generated and displayed in a top-down, real-time 3D, hierarchal view.




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