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Laser Shot KD Range



Featuring milspec targetry in vivid 1080P virtual immersion, Known Distance (KD) Range is a fundamental element of Laser Shot’s comprehensive marksmanship instruction curriculum, adhering to the doctrinal standards of military field manuals with targets 5 - 500 meters. This virtual version of real-world marksmanship instruction includes functions designed to enhance the officer’s training experience and provide instant feedback to the instructor, such as a responsive LOMAH indicator (Location of Misses and Hits) in the peripheral view of the officer, which displays instant shot placement without the need to interrupt the sight picture.

Additionally, this powerful courseware visualizes both POA and POI (point-of-aim and point-of-impact) to the warfighter to clearly conceptualize the relationship between where the weapon is aimed and the impact location of the virtual bullet based on the type of firearm / round type ballistics and distance in the virtual environment. These added features greatly reduce the amount of time required for an officer to become proficient with their weapon system at varied distances.

KD Range sets a new industry standard in realism by featuring true-to-life target sizes - a result of a precise calculation of the shooter's distance


A KD range has three primary objectives: fire tight shot groups at a known distance, make sight adjustments at range while experiencing the effects of wind and gravity, and marksmanship testing. The firing task on a KD range is an intermediate step toward the firing task of an officer. Information concerning the precise hit-or-miss location of every bullet fired is provided. KD firing is conducted with a single, clearly visible target at a known distance, and the officer can establish a position that provides a natural point of aim on that single target.

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