EC Paint 400 ml

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NFM EC Paint 400 ml


The origin and reasons of developing the EC Paint® were requirements from European military units for a removable, easy applicable paint in the visual and NIR spectrum for weapons and other equipment. The EC Paint® is produced according to the European regulations for environment protection. Today, we deliver the EC Paint® in large quantities to users all over Europe.

  • EC Paint® is manufactured in order to meet military standards for Near Infra Red reflectance needs.
  • EC Paint® is available in cans of 400ml for personal equipment or in 5 ltr. for vehicle applications.
  • EC Paint® is offered with a separate paint remover.


Warning! Avoid applying EC-Paint Remover on plastic elements. It can cause surface damage.



Breaking up Man-Made Shapes

Camouflage Pattern

Man-made shapes do not exist in the natural environment. The human eye picks up on straight lines, sharp corners and very flat surfaces easily and identifies them quickly as out of place. Application of patterns with EC Paints can break up the characteristic shape of a weapon or other equipment.




Blending Into the Environment

Back­ground Matching Colors

Black shiny objects also do not exist in nature. EC Paints range consists of 8 colors selected to allow concealment in any area of operation. The paint creates a complete matt finish which eliminates risk of specular reflection.


Night Vision Signature Management

NIR Adaptability

NIR adaptability is a method of preventing detection of soldiers by Night Vision devices. These devices detect infrared reflectance variances. EC Paints are designed to provide different reflectance levels to appear at a similar level to the surrounding terrain, thus making them more difficult to detect at night.

Adaptability to Area of Operation

Easy Changeability

Today’s armed forces need to be able to rapidly deploy and adapt to any area of operation on the planet. EC Paints provide complete camouflage changeability in field conditions. The equipment is cleaned with a dedicated remover or just resprayed over the previous layer.


Reduction Of Weapon Temperature Under Sun Exposure

Black steel objects like assault rifles experience very high sun heat absorption among soldiers’ equipment. A heated rifle is not only uncomfortable to handle but also may affect shooting precision. EC Paint SAND color enables lower heat absorption thus enhancing user comfort and precision in desert conditions while reducing the signature.

Vehicle Signature Management

Tactical vehicles’ visual signature behaves similarly to assault rifles, thus EC Paint technology works for vehicle application as well. For large objects, EC Paints is available in 5L containers for application with pneumatic paint guns.


Logistics Advantages

EC Paint is available in individual cans or as a prepacked set ready for your mission. As a customer, one can define a set of required colors to be directly distributed to the units. It can be delivered in boxes of 4, 6 or 9pcs

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