FAST Ballistic Mandible

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Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Mandible


Ballistic Protection

The FAST Ballistic Mandible offers ballistic and blunt impact protection for all Ops-Core® FAST helmets equipped with Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Rails and Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Shims. Designed for ground, maritime, and mobility operations, the FAST Ballistic Mandible provides facial ballistic protection from frag and 9mm threats in a lightweight, low profile form factor. While the rigid carbon composite frame provides blunt impact protection, the mandible’s flexible ballistic armor allows the user to obtain a solid cheek weld. The FAST Ballistic mandible is one-size-fits-all and quickly scalable, easily attaching to the helmet without occupying valuable rail space.



  • Increased blunt impact and ballistic protection
  • Lightweight design easily attaches to SHC ARC Shim
  • Flexible Armor provides the ability to obtain a solid cheek weld
  • Uninterrupted Field of View
  • Compatible with any Ops-Core FAST Helmet equipped with the Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Rails and Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Shim
  • SHC Skeleton Rails and SHC ARC Shims available as upgrade kit to any Ops-Core FAST Helmet
  • One Size Fits All
  • Colors: Tan 499, Black, Multicam, Urban Gray


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