FAST SF Carbon Composite

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Ops-Core FAST SF Carbon Composite

Super High Cut Helmet System with Vent Holes

  • Super high cut, lightweight, non-ballistic shell made of a hybrid design of Unidirectional Composite Carbon fibers and fiberglass.
  • High performance evolution of the Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet System while maintaining compatibility with FAST accessories.
  • Advanced design with optimized weight distribution offers improved comfort, increased stability and balance, and reduced personal signature.
  • Designed for less extreme environments, the durable carbon composite construction provides protection against blunt trauma, making it ideal for rugged training, recce and water operations, and fast roping.
  • Base of helmet features expanded polypropylene (EPP) liner, offering enhanced impact protection, and molded-in vent holes are integrated with the shell to provide increased airflow and reduce heat stress.
  • Features a lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) for compatibility with most NVG mounts, 4 position Accessory Rail Connectors (ARCs) and external VELCRO® brand loop.
  • Molded liner features proprietary recessed groove, accommodating over-the-head communications headsets with no interference or user discomfort, and ability to doff and don helmet without removing the headset.
  • Available with three suspension/retention options


For low threat environments, the Ops-Core FAST® SF Carbon Composite helmet is the ideal choice for reliable protection and comfort. This durable non-ballistic helmet platform is designed with a super high cut, bump shell made from a hybrid of Unidirectional composite of the most advanced carbon and fiberglass materials. Featuring a shell geometry that delivers critical coverage, this FAST tactical helmet provides enhanced impact protection from blunt trauma, making it optimal for rugged training, recce, airborne and water operations, and fast roping. The lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) reduces the risk of snag hazards and interference, and carabiner clips improve NVG attachment and stability. The user-based design prioritizes comfort, with vent holes in the helmet shell that increase airflow and reduce heat stress. Like other Ops-Core FAST tactical helmets, the FAST SF Carbon Composite helmet seamlessly integrates with other Ops-Core helmet accessories, such as the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset, for a complete protective lightweight headborne system.



  • M 53-56 cm
  • L 56-59 cm
  • XL 59-62 cm
  • XXL 62 -64,5 cm




Performance Specification*: Modified and Abbreviated Family of Tactical Headborne System, dated June 30th 2017

Ops-Core FAST SF Non-Ballistic Performance Spec PS-1144

*Not all suspension/retention options are tested to full stated standards.

Blunt Impact Protection: 150 g’s maximum at 10 ft/s. Maximum allowable dent 0.023

Compression Testing: Top-Bottom = .020” (0.51 mm) Max @ 400 lbs. (181.44 kg), Side-Side = .125” (3.18 mm) Max @ 300 lbs. (136.08 kg)lbs.

Environmental Resistance: Storage / Operating at Ambient, Cold, -60° F (-51° C), Hot +160° F (71° C), Seawater, Weatherometer, Field Agent Resistance, Temperature Shock, Altitude

Shell Construction: Uni—Directional Non Slit

Shell Thickness: 0.220” (5.58mm)

Shell Geometry (Curvature): FAST

Cut Style (Side Protection): Super High Cut


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