Step-In Visor Laser Dazzle Lens

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Ops-Core Step-In Visor Laser Dazzle Lens


Laser Dazzle Threat Protection for Ground Forces & Law Enforces

Leveraging Gentex Corporation’s rich history in lens technology for both air and ground forces, Ops-Core delivers optimum eye protection to maintain visual awareness and personal safety including defense during lasing incidents. Laser Dazzle lenses are designed to combat inexpensive and easily accessible Cl Class 2, 1-5mW blue and green commercial laser pointers often faced by today’s ground forces, law enforcement, emergency services, and customs and border patrol. The Laser Dazzle lens is available in the Ops-Core Mk1 protective eyewear and STEP-IN Visor which both comfortably integrate into existing Ops-Core headborne systems.


Optimal Protection from Commercial Laser Threats

Dazzle Laser Eyewear blocks the most common blue and green commercial laser threats. Key protection comes from special absorbing optical-dye and lens coating technology, which shields users from hazardous reflected or scattered laser light. It blocks common Cl Class 2, 1-5mW blue and green laser light wavelengths.


Specifically Targets Night Wear

Dazzle night lenses provide nearly three times as much visible light transmission as the day lenses to maintain visibility during dark conditions, while maintaining the same level of green and blue laser light protection and can be worn during day light as well.


  • Proprietary dye formulation blocks common Cl Class 2, 1-5mW (blue 445nm at 1.5OD and green 532nm at 2.5OD) commercial laser light wavelengths
  • Maintains highest possible level of see-through color perception
  • VLT 40% allows function for both day and night applications
  • Protection of 1-2 OD reduces power by 10-100X
  • Easily swap interchangeable lenses into compatibly sized Ops-Core Step-In Visor frame
  • Tool-less installation
  • Meets all the ANSI Z87.1 spectacle requirements for ballistics and optics
  • Provides MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic protection

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