Duty holster Thunder D-Shell

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Radar Duty holster Thunder D-Shell

Radar Thunder D-Shell is a professional Duty hol- ster for both special and routine service, made with state-of-the-art technology based on the latest ge- neration FR3 architecture. It is fitted with the la- test safety systems Evolock-S and Rotoloop-S, and offers the highest level of weapon retention and safety together with unmatched easy draw and re- holstering, even in the most critical situations and under stress. It is handy, multifunctional, designed for wear on visible uniform duty belts and fits the innovative "S"-shaped Loop System which adapts to any body shape or size, for men and women.
Security Levels:
  • Retention Level 4


Automatic Security Systems

Designed to be used in the most extreme and stressful conditions, the internal safety device EVOLOCK-S Evolution Locking System (Radar Patented) defines the new safety standard in the world of holsters.

Amongst the new generation automatic retention systems, EVOLOCK-S guarantees the best performance in terms of locking safety, quick release, easy re-holstering and placing the weapon safely out of use, even in critical conditions and under stress.



1. When the gun is reholstered, the internal locking mechanism is automatically activated by the weight of the weapon which is therefore placed safely out of use and with the greatest ease. It is made in extra strong polymer and prevents the weapon from falling or being removed by third parties. By acting on the trigger-guard without damaging the latter, it ensures a resistance against tensile stress and tearing which is distinctly superior to that of other systems available on the market.


2. The position of the release lever R – Fits Your Finger, which can  be activated by simply pressing with the thumb and can be made to fit the individual finger length, ensures fast, instinctive and single-handed weapon draw, without the need for unnatural movements and having to look at the holster.


3. The retention level of the safety system Evolock-S is increased by means of the BS-PRO (Back Shield Protection), a device which is placed on the back part of the release lever, which prevents unauthorised access to the release mechanism from the back, thus representing a true anti-theft device.



  • Worn on a visible uniform duty belt
  • Adjustable positions
  • Right-Hand or Left-Hand


Wearability system:

  • Passante "S" System


Construction solution:

  • Poliform - Nero D-Shell - Double Shell Body


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