TAC-RAY Ballistic

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Rheinmetall TAC-RAY Ballistic



The Fire Control System “TacRay Ballistic” (FCS-TRB) from Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics (RSE) includes the advanced, combat proven laserblock technology of the RSE LM-VTAL. In addition to the powerful variable infrared illuminator and the two aiming lasers (infrared and visible) the FCS-TRB includes a tactical laser range finder (LRF) in a worldclass compact and lightweight package and a precise ballistic computer.

The high-precision LRF is integrated into the factory-aligned laser block of the FCS-TacRay Ballistic to simplify adjustment to the weapon sight.

The dimmable OLED display shows the distance to the target. With the click settings calculated by the integrated ballistic calculator, shown in the display, the shooter can adjust his scope accordingly.

All these features allow snipers with the FCS-TRB to increase and improve the first round hit probability.



  • •Electronically focusable IR illuminator
  • •IR aiming laser and visible aiming laser (green or red)
  • •All lasers and LRF co-aligned to bore sight with a single adjustment
  • •Ballistic calculator with integrated sensor technology –fast and accurate calculation of a ballistic solution for the acquired target
  • Tactical LRF (SWIR) up to 2,500m range on mansized targets
  • LRF is always eye-safe (even in combat mode)
  • Different laser power modes for training and combat
  • OLED display: energy efficient, dimmable, cold resistant, automatic brightness adjustment
  • Waterproof up to 1m for 2h (IP68)
  • Powered by one IEC CR17345/CR123 battery



  • Standard picatinny mount (MIL-STD-1913/STANAG4694)
  • Operation with cursor pad or 5-key trigger cable
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
  • Several interfaces to different night vision devices and night vision goggles
  • Connection to Kestrel® anemometers possible
  • Connection to Applied Ballistics® App possible
  • Interface to digital riflescope
  • Download of customer-specific ballistic models and databases possible




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