Vario Ray Laser Light Module

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Rheinmetall Vario Ray Laser Light Module


The laser light module Vario-Ray from Rheinmetall is the suc-cessor of the combat-proven LLM01 and is equipped with more powerful lasers as well as the unique Vario-Ray technology. This technology enables the user to electronically focus the infrared illuminator, therefore eliminating the need to manip-ulate the weapon in the dark. The Vario-Ray technology is a huge advancement in combat safety and readiness, as the hands remain on the weapon at all times while operating the laser light module.

For eye-safety the Vario-Ray employs the patented concept of colour-coded remote cables. Blue and white training cables ensure eye-safe Class 1 and 2 laser powers, while grey, brown and black combat cables release fully installed Class 3R and 3B laser power.

The Vario-Ray is capable of holding a fourth laser system, a SWIR or DSID laser, for example.



  • Several white light lamp heads with a choice of beam patterns available, up to 650 lumens
  • Choice of red or green laser target marker
  • Infrared laser target marker
  • Electronically focusable infrared illuminator, up to 150mW „ Easy three-button operation, also via remote cable
  • All lasers co-aligned at factory, easy adjustment to the weapon
  • Eye-safety for training with colour-coded remote cable „ Waterproof up to 30m
  • Uses two CR123 batteries
  • Remote cables available in customer-specified lengths „ Colours: RAL8000 (tan), RAL9005 (black), RAL8028 (brown)



  • SWIR laser target marker (invisible to current standard night vision goggles)
  • DSID IR-laser interrogator (invisible to current standard night vision goggles)



  • Use rotary switch to preselect laser light combination, unit is in stand-by
  • Rotary switch protected against unintentional activation
  • Use push-buttons or remote cable to switch laser light combination on/off
  • Activate special functions such as dimming, zooming, strobing of laser and light sources via built-in push-buttons or remote cable.
  • Use colour-coded remote cables to set the Laser Class
  • Use optional DSID laser to identify friendly force members
  • Use optional SWIR laser to mark a target visible only to special SWIRnight vision equipment



  • Various mounts available; standard is for Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913/STANAG4694)
  • The mounts can be affixed to the Vario-Ray in two different locations to suit every weapon configuration
  • Adapter available to mount a Docter® Sight on top the Vario-Ray




  • Size (L xWxH): 136 x 67 x 47mm
  • Height over rail: 40mm
  • Weight inc. batteries and rail mount: 270 grams
  • Battery: 2xDL123
  • Battery life: 7h (dual IR30/70 mW)
  • Waterproof: 30 m for 2h
  • Operating temperature: –32°C to +71°C


Visible aiming laser

  • Max. power output available: 5/30 mW
  • Wavelenght: Red 635nm or Green 520 nm
  • Beam divergence: 0.5mrad


White light lamp head

  • Max. light output available: 90/180/650 lumens
  • Lamp head exchangeable: Yes, see options


IR aiming laser

  • Max. power output available: 0.7/3.7/30 mW
  • Wavelenght: 850 nm
  • Beam divergence: 0.5 mrad


IR Illuminator w. electronic focus

  • Max. power output available: 3.7/30/80/150 mW
  • Wavelenght: 850 nm
  • Beam divergence: 10mrad to 100 mrad


SWIR aiming laser (optional)

  • Max. power output available: 5 mW
  • Wavelenght: 1,550 nm
  • Beam divergence 0.5 mrad


DSID Laser (optional)

  • Power output: 5W pulse
  • Wavelenght: 905 nm

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