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Screaming Target Kit

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RTS Targets Screaming Target Kit

The Screaming Target Kit is ideal for single target training.

Enabling the user to record the sound he will receive upon hitting the target, the system is ideal for recreational shooting and introducing the shooting sports to new shooters. 


Included in the Kit:

  • 1 Complete static target with two target torsos
  • Wireless screaming system


Product advantages

  • Reacts upon impact to indicate on target hit with configurable sound options  
  • Built in indication sound recording option for ideal versatility
  • Wireless electronic sound indicating system
  • No need to cross the line of fire to check hits, saves valuable training time
  • Self-healing polymer recovers thousands of hits with no ricochets
  • Lightweight, easy to setup, transport and store
  • Perfect for Sniper, handgun and assault rifle training
  • Screaming system is also available separately for any static RTS target
  • Single target system
  • Operational range: 5 to 300 meters



  • Operational temperature range: 0-50 degrees Celsius



  • Weight without plate: 5,25 kg
  • Total weight: 11,75 kg
  • Height: 135 cm
  • Width: 34 cm
  • Thickness: 8,5 mm

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