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Sasrad XPOSE Contraband Detector - tiheysmittari

The Xpose Contraband Detector is a compact, lightweight, rugged handheld density meter designed to aid law enforcement officials with the detection of hidden objects or compartments. Since its market introduction in 2012, Xpose Contraband Detectors have been adopted worldwide by customs, border protection and police forces also recently as part of an interdiction kit for U.S. military operations in Afghanistan.

Xpose gives an indication of contraband concealed in inaccessible areas such as car panels, tires, or bulkheads where direct observation is not possible.  Xpose may be used on automobiles, trucks, ships and airplanes, as well as on freight of all types. It works by emitting gamma photons and measuring changes in the reflected energy as is scans the target area. Xpose incorporates a large CsI (TI) detector for better penetration and faster indication of “hits” triggered by an abrupt change in density.

The ruggedized Xpose unit has been designed with an ergonomic grip, anti-scratch detection surface, integrated wrist safety strap and a large easy-to-read illuminated graphical display. It’s lightweight (more than 20 percent lighter than other contraband detectors) and designed for ambidextrous operation. A large graphic display provides real-time counts and a continuous line graph of count rates that captures the last 30 seconds of the scan.  The time graph enables operators to observe anomalies in the scan target without a direct view of the display. Xpose flexible readout options include a Bluetooth remote display and a USB port for uploading individual scan records to a computer for documentation, analysis and training.

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