EdgeBender 2

Tuotekoodi: SET 50527

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SET EdgeBender 2

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The Edgebender is engineered to accelerate the use of other SET Breaching Tools, minimizing exposure time by facilitating the defeat of hardened security portals quickly and quietly. Specially designed vice jaws are designed to slip behind mounted security plates, and the T-handle applies even pressure to silently create an attack gap that can be exploited by leverage-based tools. Used in conjunction with other SET Breaching Tools, the Edgebender is part of a fast and effective entry system that can defeat virtually any portal in seconds.


This security plate/edge bypass tool has revolutionized the ability to open outward  opening metal and security doors in a reliable way.


Without this tool there is a substantial risk that forcing the door will be completely unsuccessful. This is especially the case for niche mounted doors.

With the EdgeBender you can quickly and quietly clamp the plate and simply bend it out of the way to gain access to the critical area near the bolt. The EdgeBender greatly reduces exposure time when dealing with security plates, especially in narrow hallways.



  • T-handle
  • Hardened vise jaws
  • Length: 43,5 cm
  • Weight: 3,1 kg




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