MultiPry Carrier

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SET MultiPry Carrier

MultiPry Carrier in Ranger Green has been designed in collaboration with Scandinavian Special Forces Units  and SET BREACHING, as a part of the “Breacher Equipment Series” from Tardigrade Tactical.


Unique features

  • Fast draw of the MultiPry tool
  • Secure and low profile carrying of the MultiPry tool
  • Enables the team to divide breaching tools between team members
  • Will improve on tactical operations, due to less bulk and an easier way to carry the MultiPry tool
  • In combination with the “Breacher Hammer Carrier” the operator will  be able to carry and apply both tools on his own. When not being used for a hammer, the Breacher Hammer Carrier will act as great place, for the operator to quickly stow the MultiPry until more time is available to reinsert it into the MultiPry Carrier. It is possible for the operator to reinsert  the MultiPry into the MultiPry Carrier,  but  stowing it into the Breacher Hammer Carrier will be a lot faster and require less attention.
  • Length: 740mm
  • Weight: 0,24 kg


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