P7 MultiPry

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SET P7 MultiPry

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The MultiPry has the same design and advantages as it’s big brother the MultiBreacher.This pry tool separates itself from any other prybars on the market.With this small and very lightweight tool, you can open inward and outward opening doors of all types when used in conjunctionwith the Multi- Sledge or our sledge hammer.

The MultiPry’s design ensures optimal bite of the tool with its unique serrated wedge shaped head providing extreme case displacement and zero slippage of the tool while in the door frame. Sling attachment points are provided to ensure easy individual carriage.



  • Multi-function pry bar effective against all types of In and Out Going Doors.
  • Traction Teeth minimize slippage and maximize displacement.
  • Wedge shaped head for maximum separation of door and frame.
  • Forked prybar end for high leverage prying.
  • Made of high-strength, lightweight hydraulic pipe steel.
  • Full Hardened Swedish Steel Heads 52-HRC Hardness Rockwell C-Scale.
  • Full hardened Swedish steel assembled in Taiwan.
  • Sling attachment points are provided to ensure easy carriage.
  • Clear painted head.
  • Rust protected paint
  • Length: 70 cm
  • Weight: 2,5 kg



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