SET MCE2 Training Door

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SET SET MCE2 Training Door

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The MultiPurpose Training Door is de- signed for repeated mechanical and hydraulic breaching. Successful door breaching requires familiarity with the breaching equip- ment, and correct placement of the tools to effect a rapid entry.This is the only training door on the market that looks and behaves like a real door.After a short training pro- gramme on this door, the operator will have all the skills necessary to open up all kinds of real doors.

SET training door is the only training door on the market, which meets the following requirements:

  • Training on inward and outward opening doors with mechanical tools.
  • Variation of locking points, and resistance on the training door.
  • Training with hydraulic breaching tools.
  • Effective training at low cost and a robust construction offering many years of use.
  • Easily exchangeable parts.


The MultiPurpose Training Door provides effective repeatable training and is designed with routine use in mind. With that in consideration, select parts are considered ‘consumable’ and available through SET. These consumables include the door case, jambs, plus the pins and shims installed when breaching. For permanent or long-term location training the door may be anchored.


  • Width: 150 cm
  • Depth: 200 cm
  • Height: 223 cm
  • Weight: 300 kg



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