S3 MultiSledge

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SET S3 MultiSledge

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The MultiSledge™ is the most unique multi functional tool on the market.As four tools in one, it can be utilized as a Sledge hammer, Ram, prybar and break n’ rake.

With the “break `n rake” feature, it offers the operator the ability to shatter all types of windows including laminated and security/privacy glass and up to 1” thick laminate security glass.The head is a unique shape which allows for extremely fast window entry and drapery and curtain rod removal.

The prybar end is used in conjunction with the MultiPry tool to assist in the opening of reinforced inward opening doors.



  • Four breaching tools in one: hammer, ram, rake, and pry bar.
  • Apply the necessary tactic without changing tools.
  • Sling attachment points for easy carry and quick application.
  • Made of high-strength, lightweight hydraulic pipe steel.
  • Handle shaft ends in a forked pry bar.
  • Full Hardened Steel Heads 50-HRC Hardness Rockwell C-Scale.
  • Powder coated surface.
  • Clear painted head.
  • Rust protected paint
  • Length: 70 cm
  • Weight: 3,2 kg

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