Combat FR Trousers 1.1

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Snigel Combat FR Trousers 1.1


Combat trousers with excellent comfort and outstanding freedom of movement. All materials used towards the body in the combat trousers are No Melt No Drip. The trousers have an adjustable waist with a wide elastic band for comfort and to suit both men and women. They are fitted with wide and high belt loops to take wider belts, as well as with braces loops on each side. The front zipper extends far down to make it easy to e.g. adjust any inner layers, to tuck in a shirt, to pee.



These trousers are available with two fits: Male or Female.



The upper front pockets are slanted to maximize safety and accessibility. The pockets on each side are reachable with both hands, so it does not matter if the same side hand is occupied.

The zipper is closed downwards as this gives faster and safer handling and ensures that the slider does not end up under a hip belt when closed. They are reinforced in the bottom for longevity.

The upper leg pockets are placed on front of the thigh, with an outer facing bellow. This reduces the pendulum movement when running and makes it easy to reach their content. When in prone position, the content will be forced outwards towards the bellow and out of the

way. The pockets features elastic inner compartments for organization, these are placed a few centimeters above the bottom of the pocket to avoid content piling up in the pocket bottom.

The combat trousers have shin pockets with two compartment on each leg for medical gear. These also serve as leg protection when filled with first-aid. Carrying this in the shin pockets have several advantages, it saves valuable space in the combat vest and puts it close at hand when kneeling down to attend to a wounded.

The combat both have full length zippers on the outside leg. There are three pullers making it possible to open the zipper in any section to ventilate.

It is for example very comfortable to open the zipper around the knee and upwards while marching in hot weather, and easy to close again while resting or at risk of battle. The upper Velcro flap is tucked away and secured by a loop patch when ventilating.

There are three Velcro flaps along the leg to regulate the leg width. These are also back up closures should the zipper break. The uppermost is mainly for back up closure and can also be tucked away and fastened when ventilating.

Our trousers are relatively tight in the lower part to minimize noise when

moving, and with the Velcro flaps they can be made even tighter.

The knee pad pockets are twisted outwards on the leg while standing, when kneeling the trouser leg twists inwards and the pads are centered over the knee.

The seat has an extra layer of fabric for longevity.

There is an adjustable, elastic cord at the end of the leg, fitted with a hook that can be fastened in boots. This prevents the trousers from riding up, and a tightened cord keeps dirt, mud, water etc out of the boots.

The end of the elastic leg cord can be tucked away into a compartment inside the leg to keep it out of way.

All our pockets are sealed by zippers for safety. They are easily opened and closed and are in effect noiseless to handle.

In the back of the waist there is a loop to hang the trousers in.



  • Combat fabric
  • Hot combat fabric
  • FR Fabric
  • Snow fabric Reinforcement fabric on the knees.



  • E-T in five different lengths each.



  • 975 g in Combat fabric in size L4.




  • EF2 = XXS X Short
  • EF3 = XXS Short
  • EF4 = XXS Regular
  • EF5 = XXS Long
  • EF6 = XXS X Long
  • EF7 = XXS XX Long
  • GH2 = XS X Short
  • GH3 = XS Short
  • GH4 = XS Regular
  • GH5 = XS Long
  • GH6 = XS X Long
  • GH7 = XS XX Long
  • IJ2 = Small X Short
  • IJ3 = Small Short
  • IJ4 = Small Regular
  • IJ5 = Small Long
  • IJ6 = Small X Long
  • IJ7 = Small XX Long
  • KL2 = Medium X Short
  • KL3 = Medium Short
  • KL4 = Medium Regular
  • KL5 = Medium Long
  • KL6 = Medium X Long
  • KL7 = Medium XX Long
  • MN2 = Large X Short
  • MN3 = Large Short
  • MN4 = Large Regular
  • MN5 = Large Long
  • MN6 = Large X Long
  • MN7 = Large XX Long
  • OP2 = XL X Short
  • OP3 = XL Short
  • OP4 = XL Regular
  • OP5 = XL Long
  • OP6 = XL X Long
  • OP7 = XL XX Long
  • QR2 = XXL X Short
  • QR3 = XXL Short
  • QR4 = XXL Regular
  • QR5 = XXL Long
  • QR6 = XXL X Long
  • QR7 = XXL XX Long
  • ST2 = XXL X Short
  • ST3 = XXL Short
  • ST4 = XXL Regular
  • ST5 = XXL Long
  • ST6 = XXL X Long
  • ST7 = XXL XX Long

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