Elastic trousers belt -16

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Snigel Elastic trousers belt -16


A very comfortable belt for your pants.

This belt I developed many years ago when I worked for Snicker's workwear. The idea was to make a belt that was elastic and adapted to the body, but still not too soft. After many trials and versions, we eventually found a sufficiently rigid band that was elastic. It is the same elastic band we use in the Army's elastic single-point weapon holder for the AK5. I use this belt every day in my civilian pants and it's still the best belt I've ever tried. Cut the belt to the correct length and burn the edge.
One tip is when you go through the security check is to remove only the buckle and keep the strap in the pants.

  • Material:Polypropylene tape
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Dimensions: The belt is 128 cm long.
  • Width of the band 40 mm.

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