Field binder A5 -07

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Snigel Field binder A5 -07


Täydellinen karttatasku muistiinpanoille, kartoille ym.

Tekniset tiedot:

  • Materiaali: polyuretaani pinnoitettu polyamidi
  • Paino: 390 g
  • Mitat: 27 x 23 x 6 cm
  • Taskussa paikat A5 -paperiarkeille, kartoille, kynille, viivottimelle, ym.
  • valotikkutasku mahdollistaa taskun käyttämisen myös pimeässä.


An administrative case which protects your documnets and maps against water and dirt.
  • This administrative case is the result of 10 years of development and different generations of the cases.
  • The administrative case has one big pocket for reserve forms etc. On the outside of the case you will find a window pocket for maps, on the other side you have pocket for pens, a rubber and on the short side you have a pocket for a short ruler.
  • The inside has a removable mechanism for A5 papers. It has two window pockets for yellow stickers etc.
  • Loops of elastic cords are attached on the outside to secure pens and the compass.
  • A protective pocket on the top of the case can hold a light stick so you can read your documents without giving away your position.
  • A zips goes around the case and as backup it has two elastic bands which can be used instead of the zip.
  • The case has two elastic cords which you can tie your pens in.


390 g

H= 27, W= 23, D= 6 cm

Fits in:
A5 paper and block, pens, rubber, small ruler, maps, light stick and memo cards.

Fits on:
In your hand or inside the backpack

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