Ghillie cloak -14

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Snigel Ghillie cloak -14


A light weight camouflage net that works well with your carrier and that reduces your visual and to some extent your thermal signature. Can be used as a jacket or as a camouflage netting.

When you move you carry it as a jacket and then when you go static you can use it as a camouflage netting.

  • The garnish (leaf like patches) are sewn so they should not get stuck in the vegetation when you move with the cloak on you.
  • On the edge of the cloak, loops are sewn flat to minimize risk that they catch in branches.
  • The back of the cloak is printed in a dessert/mountain colurs.
  • The volume is only 2 liters when packed.
  • The cloak is made in a flame-retardant polyester mesh that doesn´t suck up water so it doesn´t get heavier in the rain.


500 g

120x150 cm

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