Modular chest rig high advanced -10

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Snigel Modular chest rig high advanced -10




Kevyt modulaarinen kantolaite, joka on suunniteltu kannettavaksi repun kanssa.

Tekniset tiedot:

  • Materiaali: polyamidi, polyester
  • Paino: 1100 g
  • Mitat: 29 cm x 34 cm
  • Liiviin mahtuu esim. 8 lipastaskua, 4-5 heitetaskua sekä muutama iso varustetasku


1100 g

2 sections of 29 x 34 cm. 8 rows of webbing

Fits in:
All pouches, holsters and many other things

Fits on:
On the upper body


Large, lightweight modular carrier for the front of your body.
Designed to sit comfortably on your body, under your backpack
 Please note that pouches and holster are separate products, not included in this carrier.
  • Large area to attach pouches on.
  • You can attach 8 magazine pouches, 4-5 grenade pouches, 2 GP pouches, 2 storage pouches and 1 GPS pouch on the carrier
  • Zipped pockets with inside elastic compartments in the front panels
  • Waist belt that allows the panels to slide back to leave the front flat. It gives you a lower profiule and it is easier to reach the pouches.
  • The waist belt has a channel for cable ties
  • Front opening to make it easier to put the carrier on
  • You can close the front and move the belt opening toi the side to get a traditionall chest rigg
  • Front closure with 2 adjustable side release buckles
  • H shaped harness to sit comfortably
  • Padded and comfortable shoulder bands with attachment bands on, so you can attach pouches there
  • Velcro patch on the back of the harness to attach your name

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