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Snigel Snow Jacket


A snow jacket in stretch fabric to combine excellent comfort and outstanding freedom of movement. Zipped front with double flaps. Adjustable hood. Elbow pad pockets and zipped sleeve pockets with Velcro. Zipped breast pockets. Back pocket. Hanger on the outside of the neck. Velcro adjusted sleeve ends.



Our snow jacket has a cut and pocket set up like all our other jackets so that the soldier will immediately recognize were all equipment is put, the features, pocket placements and adjustments. The stretch fabric is of 94% Polyester and 6% Elastane making it quiet and flexible and easy to move in. The inside of the fabric is FR PU coated to make the jacket slightly FR and water resistant, as well as wind proof.

The hood is of the same model as on the other jackets but permanently sewn on. It is made in No Melt No Drip fabric as it will often be worn next to the skin.

The front zipper is covered on the inside by a flap and on the outside by two flaps that are closed with press buttons. This gives a snow and wind proof closure.

The Velcro adjusted cuffs can be tightly closed to keep the air inside and snow outside, and opened to increase ventilation.

In the bottom of the jacket there is an elastic crotch strap that can be used to tighten the jacket together between the legs to really keep snow and wind out. When the crotch strap is not in use it is secured on the inside back of the jacket.

The waist and lower edge have elastic cords that can be tightened to keep wind and snow out.

To increase ventilation, there are arm pit zippers and the cord locks as well as the cuffs can be opened to let air in.

To ventilate even further, the front zip can be opened and the jacket kept closed by the press buttons.

The ends of the elastic cords are placed inside the front pockets, thereby removing them from the outside of the jacket to prevent them from getting caught by anything. .

The sleeves have elbow pockets in a reinforcement fabric, and elbow pads can be inserted for increased comfort.

A strong hanger is placed on the outside of the neck within easy reach, keeping the collar smooth and scratch-free.



  • Main fabric: 92% Polyester, 6% Elastane, 2% Polyurethane
  • Hood and cuffs: 50% Cotton, 47% Polyamide, 3% Elastane



  • EF-ST in five different lengths each.



  • 1020 g in size KL4.



  • EF2 = XXS X Short
  • EF3 = XXS Short
  • EF4 = XXS Regular
  • EF5 = XXS Long
  • EF6 = XXS X Long
  • GH2 = XS X Short
  • GH3 = XS Short
  • GH4 = XS Regular
  • GH5 = XS Long
  • GH6 = XS X Long
  • IJ2 = Small X Short
  • IJ3 = Small Short
  • IJ4 = Small Regular
  • IJ5 = Small Long
  • IJ6 = Small X Long
  • KL2 = Medium X Short
  • KL3 = Medium Short
  • KL4 = Medium Regular
  • KL5 = Medium Long
  • KL6 = Medium X Long
  • MN2 = Large X Short
  • MN3 = Large Short
  • MN4 = Large Regular
  • MN5 = Large Long
  • MN6 = Large X Long
  • OP2 = XL X Short
  • OP3 = XL Short
  • OP4 = XL Regular
  • OP5 = XL Long
  • OP6 = XL X Long
  • QR2 = XXL X Short
  • QR3 = XXL Short
  • QR4 = XXL Regular
  • QR5 = XXL Long
  • QR6 = XXL X Long
  • ST2 = XXL X Short
  • ST3 = XXL Short
  • ST4 = XXL Regular
  • ST5 = XXL Long
  • ST6 = XXL X Long

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