Covert backpack -21

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Snigel Covert backpack -21


The covert back pack is called the “transformer” for a reason. In less than one minute the backpack is transformed to a tactical ballistic vest with your weapon on your chest.

The bag has three main functions: Reconnaissance, assault or personal protection. For the undercover officer the bag will store your radio induction loop and headset. It can also store your handgun and baton where it is easy to reach. There is also space for protection vest and backup weapon to be carried discreetly when only a thin shirt or T-shirt can be worn.

For the operator the bag offers the possibility to transfer a civilian looking person to an assault ready operator in around 10 seconds. In the bag you put the ballistic vest and ceramic plates, magazine, distraction grenades  radio with headset, police badge, etc. G36 or MP5 attaches to the inside of the bag and can easily be removed when the vest has been deployed.
The personal protection officer can be covert and still carry protective equipment and backup weapons that increase the chances to handle a critical situation in a flexible and quick way.

Holds your personal body armor and 2 ceramic plates. Inside Velcro covered MOLLE bands for communication gear, magazines, tear gas spray, flashlight etc. for surveillance and tactical operations.  A special Velcro attached pistol holster is included with the backpack. Cable ports and channels for hidden microphone and ear. Hidden compartment on the back with zipped opening for pistol and baton. Max length of folded weapon is 50 cm.

Dimensions: 52 x 32 x 14 cm

Weight: 2200 g.


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