Weapon bag combi/regular -11

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Snigel Weapon bag combi/regular -11

 2,7 kg

L= 62 cm, H= 35 cm, W= 20 cm

Fits in:
G36, M4, C8, AK5, HK53, pistol, radio,magazine/clip, weapons cleaning material

Fits on:
Can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder or on the back


A covert, light, safe and flexible bag for storage and transport of sensetive personal equipment.

The idea is that all sensetive equipment is stored in the bag and that it can be locked away as one piece of luggage. This gives you full controll over your sensetive equipment

  • Does not absorb water so does not get any heavier in rain
  • The bag is made from hard wearing/durable polyamide coated fabric and is padded with 20 mm plastic foam and protected with 1 mm rigid plastic. The bag is lined with a light coloured material on the inside which makes it easy to clean and to find things inside as most weapons and accessories are black
  • The opening is zipped and with velcro band so that the bag is well sealed when closed
  • There are two windows for owner identification on the bag, one each on the top and one of the ends
  • The bag has two carrying handles and one shoulder strap with padding. A concealed backpack carrying system is behind the back plate for when you need to use both your hands
  • The bag is descreet as it does not resemble a weapons bag
  • Under the back panel there is a concealed backpack carrying system when you want to use the bag as a backpack
  • The bag has two main compartments that each can accommodate one weapon - MP5 or Automatic Carbine
  • Many internal compartments for magazines/gun clips, radio, pistol, accessories etc.
  • The partitioning wall that divides the main compartments has several compartments for magazines/gun clips, weapons cleaning kit and other accessories. The wall is secured with velcro bands and can be removed from the bag to make space for larger items
  • Large outside pocket with inner compartment for pistol and radio with accessories is padded with 5 mm foam to protect it's contents
  • The lid can be opened all the way with two parallel zippers. This makes it easy to get to the contents of the bag
  • The handles can be connected with a padded piece of fabric and velcro
  • The shoulder strap is detachable

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