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Core 8mm Video Scope


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Tactical Electronics Core 8mm Video Scope


The CORE 8mm Video Scope allows you to capture digitally encrypted video with extreme low light sensitivity. The 4-way articulating camera neck (160° up, 130° down, 100° left & right) is controlled via fine touch paddles, allowing you to easily position the camera. Video is streamed wirelessly to the CORE monitor over an AES Encrypted channel. Like all CORE Cameras, the CORE 8mm Video Scope is modular and will connect to any handheld CORE Grip. An external light source can be added to provide illumination at the distal tip of the Video Scope. The light source is available in the following colors: EOD/UV, Blue, Green, White, and IR 850nm.

An optional hardwire cable connection is available for RF-restricted environments. Additionally, a 1.0in eyepiece displays video without requiring a separate monitor.



The CORE 8mm Video Scope attaches to the CORE Grip and includes the following features:

  • 8mm Probe: Small diameter probe for minimal intrusion
  • Low-light Camera: Extreme low-light sensitivity @ 0.005 lux
  • Articulation: 4-way articulation via paddles
  • Articulation: 160° up, 130° down, 100° left & right
  • Video Eyepiece: 1.0 inch AMOLED color display
  • Wireless: 5GHz wireless, real-time video transmission
  • Encrypted: Transmits AES encrypted video directly to monitor
  • Modular: Connects to any handheld CORE Grip
  • Snapshot: Instantly record a still image of live video
  • Illumination: Adjustable external light source
  • Hardwire Option: Hardwire for RF-restricted environments
  • SD Recording: Automatic video recording to a 32GB Micro SD card
  • Backlit buttons: View push buttons in low light




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