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Tactical Electronics Swift Video Scope


The SWIFT Video Scope features an 8mm distal tip and 4-way articulation. Video is viewable through the built in eyepiece, on any Tactical Electronics monitor, or an Android device with the TE View App. The 8mm distal tip provides illumination by an integrated UV LED or through an external threaded light source.

The camera head moves in four directions (160 up, 130 down, 100 left and right) and is controlled via fine-touch paddles. The SWIFT Video Scope is available with a 12″ or 24″ long probe. The SWIFT Video Scope features a rugged, locking Tactical Accessory Port (TAP) that provides USB 2.0, 100Mbps Ethernet, and 12VDC power in.  The USB and Ethernet interfaces can be used to stream video to any Tactical Electronics Monitor, ATAK, TE View App, or MANET radios. All SWIFT products offer Stand By mode to help preserve battery life and provide a quick return to video within 10 seconds.



  • 8MM PROBE: Small diameter for minimal intrusion
  • LOW-LIGHT: Extreme low-light sensitivity @ 0.005 lux
  • ARTICULATION: 4-way articulation via paddles
  • ARTICULATION: 160° up, 130° down, 100° left/right
  • EYEPIECE: 1.0 inch AMOLED color display
  • SNAPSHOT: Instantly record a still image of live video
  • ILLUMINATION: Adjustable external light source
  • HARDWIRE: Hardwire for RF-restricted environments
  • WIRELESS VIDEO: 5GHz real-time Wi-Fi video transmission
  • ATAK / MANET: Connect real-time video via USB & Ethernet
  • ENCRYPTED VIDEO: AES encrypted Wi-Fi video streaming
  • SD RECORDING: Automatic recording to a 32GB MicroSD card



  • WEIGHT: 12in Probe: 1lb. 09oz. / 0.71kg | 24in Probe: 1lb. 10oz. / 0.75kg
  • DIMENSIONS: 12in Probe: L 22.8in x W 2.7in x H 3.3in | 24in Probe: L 36.8in x W 2.7in x H 3.3in
  • DIMENSIONS (METRIC): 12in Probe: L 57.4cm x W 6.9cm x H 8.4cm | 24in Probe: L 93.5cm x W 6.9cm x H 8.4cm
  • WORKING PROBE: 12in Probe: L 9.25in / L 23.5cm | 24in Probe: L 24.0in / L 61.0cm
  • ARTICULATING LENGTH: 3.50in / 8.89cm
  • WORKING OD: 0.32in / 0.81cm
  • POWER SUPPLY: Two x CR123 batteries
  • RUNTIME: Up to 100 minutes
  • HOUSING MATERIAL: HDPE / 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -4ºF to 122ºF / -20ºC to 50ºC
  • TRANSMISSION DISTANCE: Line of Sight (LOS) = up to 500ft / 150m
  • WIRELESS ENCRYPTION: 128-bit AES Encryption with WPA2-PSK Authentication
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 5GHz (Worldwide Availability)
  • HARDWIRE COMMUNICATION: Compatible integration with: ATAK / MANET / Android mobile device
  • HARDWIRE DATA TRANSFER: High-speed Ethernet and USB transfer capable
  • HARDWIRE CONNECTION: Push/pull Tactical ODU port and connector
  • CAMERA SENSOR: 0.25in Analog CCD
  • ARTICULATION: 4-way, 160 degrees up, 130 degrees down, 100 degrees left and right
  • ILLUMINATION: Internal: 400nm UV; External: 400nm UV, Blue, Green, White, and IR 850nm
  • EYEPIECE SIZE: 1.0in (diagonal)
  • EYEPIECE RESOLUTION: 1280 x 720px

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