Tactical WD Collar 45mm magnetic handle

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Tecdox Tactical WD Collar 45mm magnetic handle

A collar for the highest demands. Perfect for dog sports, leisure, adventure, rescue dog work and survival. Simply a perfect collar. This starts with the choice of materials and finds its uniqueness in the perfectly adjustable fit and unmatched stability and durability.

This collar is the result of years of development and detail improvement. Countless insights and detailed feedback from renowned dog handlers and trainers from a wide variety of fields make this collar an indispensable companion. This feedback resulted in the development of the original TSA grip system. An integrated handle on the outside of the collar makes handling the dog safe and comfortable in any situation. To make unintentional threading of the dog impossible, we have equipped the ergonomic handle with an MSA mechanism. Thanks to this magnetic safety system, the handle independently fits tightly to the collar and thus does not protrude in a nonsensical and potentially obstructive way. In case of need, the magnetic mechanism immediately triggers and releases the handle.

Also with our collars we trust in the matter of the lock of the manufacturer AustriAlpin, widely known from the mountain sports.

The extra-robust Cobra buckle from AustriAlpin - shown here with an integrated D-ring made of stainless steel - shines with unsurpassed breaking load values in independent laboratory tests by major mountain sports magazines around the globe. Just the thing for our premium collar.

A special feature of the Cobra closure is its unique lock system. For maximum security, the buckle only opens when both buckle levers are pressed simultaneously. This makes unintentional release - for example when quickly reaching into the collar - impossible.

For the actual collar we use two layers of an extremely tear and stretch resistant 45mm web-bing. Webbing of this quality is otherwise used in high load areas in mountaineering, casualty rescue or the high load nets used in cargo securing.

Our Tecdox collar is also trimmed with original Velcro on the outside and inside. On the outside, the Velcro is used to hold patches or name tags, while on the inside, the length of the collar is individually and continuously adjusted to fit the neck circumference of your pet.

We refine the edges of our premium collar with a special edging tape, just like the excess length on the inside. So no hard edges disturb the sensitive neck area and prevent chafing or worse.

Of course, we also remain true to our premium line in the other details. So we have lined the Cobra closure on the inside of the collar with webbing. Thus we prevent also here a possible rubbing or any irritations by a direct metal contact.



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