Theon Sensors

ARGUS Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monoculars

Tuotekoodi: ARGUS FS

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Theon Sensors ARGUS Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monoculars

  • Lightest head and helmet mounts in the market
  • Quick release dovetail mechanism for head, helmet and weapon mounts
  • Collimated line of sight


ARGUS is a family of innovative, full MIL-SPEC, image intensified multi-purpose monoculars systems that can be operated as hand-held, head- helmet or weapon-mounted. Lightweight, yet of robust construction, with superior optical characteristics and performance, utilizing standard AA batteries (rechargeable, alkaline or lithium) for operation. This groundbreaking system allows the individual soldier to perform observation, short range (surveillance, weapon aiming, map reading and medical aid operations during all night conditions). Both versions (LW and FS) can be offered with or without Manual Gain Control (MGC).


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